2001-2002 Season

2002 Canadian Nationals
Quality: Fair
Broadcast: CTV (Canada)
DVD menu? Nope; chapters are set at 5min 03sec apart

Men's SP: Jeffrey Buttle, Jeffrey Buttle post-SP interview, Ben Ferreira, Final flight SP fluff about the skaters' music selections, Nicholas Young, Fedor Andreev, Emanuel Sandhu, Elvis Stojko fluff about his accomplishments at the Canadian Nationals, Elvis Stojko, Jayson Dénommée, Matthew Bueno, Emanuel Sandhu post-SP interview, Elvis Stojko post-SP interview
Men's LP: Ben Ferreira, Elvis Stojko fluff about his character, Final flight warm-up, Fedor Andreev, Jeffrey Buttle, Elvis Stojko, Nicholas Young, Jayson Dénommée, Emanuel Sandhu, Elvis Stojko post-LP interview, Emanuel Sandhu post-LP interview, Elvis Stojko tribute


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