2006-2007 Season

2007 Canadian Nationals
Quality: Excellent
Broadcast: CTV (Canada)
DVD menu? Yes
Length: 1hr 54min 36sec

Men's SP: Patrick Chan fluff, Patrick Chan, Vaughn Chipeur fluff, Vaughn Chipeur, Vaughn Chipeur post-SP interview, Joey Russell (highlights), Jeffrey Buttle fluff about his spinal stress fracture, Shawn Sawyer, Emanuel Sandhu, Christopher Mabee, Jeffrey Buttle, Jeffrey Buttle post-SP interview, Christopher Mabee post-SP interview
Men's LP: (unlike the Men's SP, the audio on this section of the disc sounds like mono quality instead of stereo) Kevin Reynolds (highlights), Patrick Chan (highlights), Joey Russell (highlights), Vaughn Chipeur, Marc-André Craig, Shawn Sawyer, Jeffrey Buttle, Emanuel Sandhu, Christopher Mabee, Jeffrey Buttle & Christopher Mabee post-LP interviews

2007 U.S. Nationals
Quality: Excellent
Broadcast: ESPN/ABC (USA)

DVD menu? Nope; chapters are set 5min 59sec apart
DVD #1 - Men's LP: (the original broadcast was quite dark) Jeremy Abbott, Scott Smith, Stephen Carriere, Evan Lysacek vs. Johnny Weir rivalry fluff, Derrick Delmore, Backstage interviews with Johnny Weir and Evan Lysacek, Push Dick's Button (with Brian Boitano, Rosalynn Sumners, Scott Hamilton and Tracy Wilson), Johnny Weir discusses defending his title, Shaun Rogers, The Browning Breakdown: height on jumps, Parker Pennington, Nicholas LaRoche, Evan Lysacek, Johnny Weir, Ryan Bradley, Ryan Bradley post-LP interview and backflip, Johnny Weir post-LP interview, Evan Lysacek post-LP interview [Length: 1hr 44min 19sec]

DVD menu? Nope; chapters are set 4min 59sec apart
DVD #2 - Exhibition Gala: Beatrisa Liang, Jeremy Abbott, Peggy Fleming flashback and interview, Alissa Czisny, Mirai Nagasu fluff, Mirai Nagasu and Caroline Zhang pre-Ex interviews, Caroline Zhang, Mirai Nagasu, The Browning Breakdown: spins, Angela Maxwell, Johnny Weir pre-Ex interview, Johnny Weir, Naomi Nari Nam fluff, Naomi Nari Nam & Themistocles Leftheris, Ryan Bradley pre-Ex interview, Ryan Bradley, Susie Wynne & Russ Witherby flashback plus interview with Susie Wynne, Melissa Gregory & Denis Petukhov, Emily Hughes pre-Ex interview, Emily Hughes, Kitty & Peter Carruthers flashback plus interview with Peter Carruthers, Brooke Castile & Benjamin Okolski pre-Ex interview, Brooke Castile & Benjamin Okolski, Tanith Belbin & Benjamin Agosto pre-Ex interview, Tanith Belbin & Benjamin Agosto, Evan Lysacek pre-Ex interview, Evan Lysacek, Dick Button flashback and interview, Ladies' competition fluff, Kimmie Meissner, US Champions montage [Length: 1hr 31min 56sec]

2007 World Championships
Quality: Excellent
Broadcast: CBC Country Canada
DVD menu? Yes

DVD #1 - Men's SP Groups 5 & 6: Group 5 warm-up, Yannick Ponsero, Christopher Mabee, Andrei Lutai, Ryan Bradley, Gregor Urbas, Group 6 warm-up, Stefan Lindemann, Kristoffer Berntsson, Jialiang Wu, Sergei Voronov, Jamal Othman [Length: 1hr 18min 53sec]

DVD #2 - Men's SP Groups 7 & 8: Group 7 warm-up, Sergei Davydov, Nobunari Oda, TomᚠVerner, Jeffrey Buttle, Evan Lysacek, Group 8 warm-up, Stéphane Lambiel, Brian Joubert, Johnny Weir, Daisuke Takahashi, Alban Préaubert, Emanuel Sandhu [Length: 1hr 28min 31sec]


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